● Fiber module

● fiber furnace

● high-temperature binder

Quality high-temperature

● Polycrystalline mullite cellucotton

● Alumina fiber

● Ceramic fiber

● etc.

Its products are widely used for high-temperature industrial furnace and trial furnace, heating equipment and thermal insulation projects in the industries of metallurgy, electron, ceramic, glass, chemical engineering and military industry, as well as scientific research institutions. Integrating the features of crystal material and fiber material…More+

its products are of high thermal stability with melting point of 1840 degrees centigrade. Their thermal conductivity is 1/6 of traditional refractory brick, 1/25 for volume weight. Besides, products of the company are effective in energy saving. For example, they can save 30%~50% of energy compared with traditional thermal insulation products.…More+

Zhejiang Deqing Deyi Crystal Fiber Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in the manufacturing of high-temperature refractory materials. Its products include polycrystalline mullite fiber, alumina fiber, ceramic fiber, etc.; fiber module, fiber furnace, high-temperature binder, etc. It devotes itself to providing energy saving products and excellent service for clients. It is located in the northern suburb of Hangzhou and at the eastern foot of Mogan Mountain, a cool world, adjacent to Hangzhou to the south and Shanghai and Jiangsu to the north. It enjoys convenient water and land transportation and advanced communication network, with the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal running through it.


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